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I met Barf today at Galaxycon. Very chill mog. And, great news everyone, he married Princess Vespa's stunt double.

No live Fun Fact Friday tonight, but we will be releasing a recorded show on the normal schedule. And we will be boldy going where no man has gone before. The Moon. Lol. Also look forward to next week's Silly Speculation Saturday about the same subject.

@funfactfriday Going LIVE at 6:30 eastern. Join us in Curiocaster, Podverse, or at we even have a chatroom.

@adam On the RCP2, I'm running 1.0.4. The trick is in the importing and exporting of the profiles.

I set up "Fun Fact Friday" with the pads I wanted and then exported the show. Then set up another show then exported that one.
When you import a show it should bring in all of the pads and settings from the last time you exported it. The cool part is that it allows you to save multiple versions of the same show. It just timestamps the exports. However, changing "shows" while live Fs with BUTT.

Got ProxMox up and running on my new server tonight. Now to plan out what VMs to run on it!

Fun Fact Friday going live at 6:30 eastern. Check us out on your favorite LIT podcast app. Or at

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FFF 108 - Silly Speculation Saturday 2 - DEN of the Lizard People!

Official Cross-app comment thread.

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So I got a Dell Poweredge r720 today. 128GB of ddr3, 2 8core xeon cpus. I am thinking about starting a small minecraft server. Do you think it will handle it?

I am trying to think of the best way to get non-podcasters a lightning wallet so I can get them a split of my show. I am wanting to cut the authors and voice talent in on v4v for my audio fiction podcast and am looking for the easiest way to onboard them. Most of them won't have a node or anything. Do any of your smart people out there have any ideas?

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Chapters suggestion for apps. Re-check the chapters json file for changes and not just when the podcast is downloaded/played. Otherwise, if the podcaster makes a change it won’t be reflected for the listener if they downloaded and don’t listen right away. Not sure how everyone is doing it, but my experience seems to be that I have to delete and re-download on several apps, to pick up changes.

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Millennial Media Offensive #22 will kick off tomorrow night at 5:30pm c.

Our Friends at @fountain_app are giving away 50,000 sats to the best/funniest/ MMO boost during the liveshow. All you have to do is boost to enter! Ask @Medus who was last weeks winner!

Listen Live at:

MMO is a value 4 value show. Please considering returning the value you receive by heading to and donating. Don't be a fed, ffs!


C.U.T.N. (tomorrow night)

@adam I was just watching a live stream with the rode procaster 2. I asked it has proper routing or just loopback, he said it doesn't have loopback and you can route the audio every-which-way. I hope he's right. I would love to replace my stack with one device and gain that functionality.

Hey look, Wild Turkey is giving money to Spotify to advertise on my kid's show. Pulling my shows off Spotify tonight.

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The latest V4V episode has been released. Today I cover 'Fun Fact Friday' with our very own @Medus and everything he and his daughter Leila are absolutely knocking out of the park. Worth checking out if you want to really know how you can use 'user content' as part of your own show.

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