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Official episode comment thread for Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David - "Episode 93 -Lies!" @medus

Be sure and send us your favorite fun facts in audio or text form for our 100th episode. We are trying to get to 100 fan submitted facts!

Pi finally came in. Filming our V4V explainer/umbrel build video this weekend.

I am doing chores and only caught the end of that note. Who did a shout out for @funfactfriday ?

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Official Comment Thread for Episode 92 - Emergency Alert Systems! @medus

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@Medus Thank you, sir. This helps me understand how, just yesterday, I met an old man named Adidas.

40 and feeling good in Vegas. Bought myself a new hat so I don't forget who I am in my old age.

On the ground in Vegas! Time for some debautchery!

I gotta get more channels open on the MedusMedia node. Anyone got a ring of fire going up soon?

Don't forget to get your favorite fun facts in to
for our upcoming 100th episode. Audio clips would be amazing, but feel free to just send us the facts. We don't want blankets, or water, just send your facts.

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Any podcasters dying for a Windows-native way to generate Podcasting-2.0 chapter files, look no further than this WinForms app with a UI straight out of 2003!

Features: You paste your episode's chapter timestamps, title, and image/link URLs into text boxes, and then click "Save". The program spits out a correctly-formatted json file. That's pretty much it. What more do you need?

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@martin @mitch @StevenB @francosolerio @amugofjava @benjaminbellamy @kingonly @dellagustin

I'm thinking we may all need to agree on some format for a link to subscribe to an episode in each of our apps. If we want the podcaster to be able to create a follow this podcast on an awesome Podcasting 2.0 app, it would be nice to give them a common format we all use. Something like[feedId]


18 Years ago today, @Phaedra and I tied the knot. I am more in love with this woman every single day.

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It's a first-time Buds With Butts featuring my butt, @Laurien's butt and also the butt of the one and only @Medus
We talk about guns, chairs, Lego, @coldacid's Painter Story and Hitler's web presence.

Thanks to boosty bois:
@dowodenum @BoostBot

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✨TONIGHT✨ at 8 PM Central, @Medus joins @SirSpencer and I LIVE for Bowls With Buds, #BowlAfterBowl Episode 142!

Call and tell him what's up, nerds:
(816) 607-3663




Give value:

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Official Episode 89 - "Shoes!" cross-platform comment thread! @medus

Our Umbrel Node has been ordered!

Don't forget to send in your facts for our 100th episode "100 Fun Facts!" Episode. Audio is preferred, but emails will do.

We will be doing that episode LIVE with a voicemail line! details coming soon.

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