@horrificnathan @kwarnberg @Todd_Blubrry Yep, you just gotta weigh out what you are looking for and make a decision. I like to do everything myself, because I am as much into the tech side as the content creation side, and I don't do ads at all, so I don't have to worry about that part of it. I should do better to keep up with what host have what, for conversations like this.

@kwarnberg @horrificnathan I self host, but if I were going to go with a podcast host company, I would go with one that has a longer track record vs a new player. Hosting is a bear of a business and hosting companies have a tendency to go out of business quickly. @Todd_Blubrry has a great hosting company called blubrry that I used to use. They are the ones that make the free wordpress plugin PowerPress.

@CSB I have 2 curved monitors. I would have been fine with flat, but these had the features I wanted at the best price.

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No new episode this week. We are both sick and just simply don't have the energy. Sorry we are also out of canned episodes. @medus

@jakelstr @Johncdvorak I didn't get it either. I use hostgator as my mail server.

@james @tod That's right, I had to change it. It was a long time ago that I got it all set up. I remember now.

@james @tod I'm running mine on digital ocean, one of the cheapest vms. The one thing I ran into was the hard drive filling up. I set up a chron job to clear all media from other servers that my instance had cached once a week.

@bayerngiant No, of course not! That's Cam Median! He's so funny!

Phase one of the shed conversion is complete. Usb powered lights provide a cozy feel with having to run power everytime I go out there.

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Episode 20 of MedusPod is out now. "To Build a Fire" by Jack London is, to me, a tale of horror. Man vs nature and his own pride. I released the first episode of MedusPod 8 years ago today.

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