@StevenB It was great to hear you on PC2.0 today. I love what you are doing and wanna see it keep going. Cheers!

@christopherbattles This weeks episode was a mess. I was messing with the rodecaster the entire time.

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@dave @CSB I was always told that is perfectly normal, but it is not polite to talk about that in public.

@CSB Well, it's already having a problem. I run the required firmware update, now it won't boot

@GWFF @darrenoneill @CSB It is a bit too colorful for my liking, but if it does what I want, I can deal with that. If I don't like it, I can always go back to the old set up.

@darrenoneill @CSB It completely replaces all of my other gear. And does more. I was working with a motu M4, and had limitations with it.

So I got a Dell Poweredge r720 today. 128GB of ddr3, 2 8core xeon cpus. I am thinking about starting a small minecraft server. Do you think it will handle it?

@Drebscott @dave "The audio equivalent of an old man trying to pee, but can't get the stream goin"

@dave Different definitions. Gotta be. I bet MedusPod would get "cleaned" out of that 2 million. I produce an episode when I have time and/or inspiration. But, six months between episodes will probably kick me out of most "clean" counts even though I still have thousands of subscribers.

There is value in feeds that someone put work into, even if that value is only for them. For their self-worth.

"I created something and there it is, in a podcast app, just like the big boys"

@aighead Thanks! I need to get more tip of the week segments together. I always forget to prep one. We should make fun fact friday freezer spoons.

@bandrew @aj @PhoneBoy I love our V7s. Great sound and a solid build on a budget And the "vintage" version looks sexy

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