@dave @kyle second class citizen android user over here... lame

What do bird poo, robots, Bing Crosby, and Abe Lincoln have in common? Find out on this weeks "Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David" funfactfriday.com @funfactfriday

@dave I can't wait for the live tag. Exciting stuff.

@Stridermcperson Damn, the way things are going, my banks gonna be reporting everytime I fill up my gas tank.

@dave I hear you can do amazing things with pivot tables these days

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I have officially earned almost $6 in sats from the Dudes And Dads Podcast :)

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 53: Fully Tagged and Noded -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org. This board meeting is mandatory attendance. l.curry.com/ftj

@sirJoho I liked Hatchet and The Outsiders. My wife @Phaedra says Lois Duncan books are good, she also liked the Fear Street books at that age.

@PhoneBoy I always recommend "One Second After". It is a very realistic depiction of what would happen if an EMP went off and fried our grid.

For reasons beyond our control, our Fun Fact Friday Episode will be late this week.

@apple_dumplin No way. My mind wonders so easily when I am doing a mundane task. I need music for concentration tasks though, no lyrics. That's why I put up my online radio station, for background music while I work.

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