Phase one of the shed conversion is complete. Usb powered lights provide a cozy feel with having to run power everytime I go out there.

Episode 20 of MedusPod is out now. "To Build a Fire" by Jack London is, to me, a tale of horror. Man vs nature and his own pride. I released the first episode of MedusPod 8 years ago today.

New episode this coming this week. Bundle up for this classic tale of man vs nature.

Worked at a local haunted house tonight. Great fun was had by all.

Episode 18 of MedusPod almost done, but I'm done for tonight. I should be releasing tomorrow, so make sure you are subscribed to MedusPod on your favorite modern podcast app from Listen for @SirSpencer @GWFF and @ThatLARRYSHOW is this episode.

I met Barf today at Galaxycon. Very chill mog. And, great news everyone, he married Princess Vespa's stunt double.

Hey look, Wild Turkey is giving money to Spotify to advertise on my kid's show. Pulling my shows off Spotify tonight.

We now have transcripts (thanks Dreb), we have cross-app comments, we have lightning bitcoin payments (value4value4ever). Podcasting 2.0 got us living in the future. @funfactfriday @Drebscott @dave @adam

Pi finally came in. Filming our V4V explainer/umbrel build video this weekend.

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