Okay Fun Fact Friday Fans! I have changed the RSS feed from powerpress to the hand made feed, like I did with MedusPod. With some guidance from @dave I think I did it correctly this time. Please let me know if anything funky happens with your feed.

Receiving a ton of streaming sats this week! Great thanks to @adam & @dave & everyone else involved! We almost have enough to build our own raspiblitz. That will be fun for Leila and I to learn together. Let's see if an 11-year old can use the online tutorials and get it working.

Meet the newest member of the Medus household. Plague, the green tree frog!

@dave Interesting behavior, I did a 301 redir for my feed for MedusPod everything is working. But, it's listing on PI is showing both the old and new items.

New episode of MedusPod is hot off the presses. meduspod.com/2021/05/29/medusp or just search for MedusPod on your favorite Podcasting 2.0 app. I recommend podfriend!

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