Hey look, Wild Turkey is giving money to Spotify to advertise on my kid's show. Pulling my shows off Spotify tonight.

We now have transcripts (thanks Dreb), we have cross-app comments, we have lightning bitcoin payments (value4value4ever). Podcasting 2.0 got us living in the future. @funfactfriday @Drebscott @dave @adam

Pi finally came in. Filming our V4V explainer/umbrel build video this weekend.

40 and feeling good in Vegas. Bought myself a new hat so I don't forget who I am in my old age.

18 Years ago today, @Phaedra and I tied the knot. I am more in love with this woman every single day.

@funfactfriday checking in. We had a blast at the meetup! Got to meet so many great people! We even got to hang out with paper @adam

MedusPod "A Christmas Carol" has been released! Enjoy at meduspod.com, or in your favorite podcast app! I put a ton of work into this one folks, and I hope you all enjoy! Merry Christmas, and God bless us, every one!

Coming tomorrow! Starring @kyle @sirseatsitter @NICKtheRAT among others! Subscribe to MedusPod now to download it as soon as it is released!

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