My Umbrel shit the bed. I'm getting "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)" Any ideas on how to fix this. I'm getting mixed ideas from lots of different places online.

I have nothing tangible for you, but I'll ask what others may be about to ask:
What kind of media is that filesystem living on?

My concern with things like the Umbrel is that building things like this with cheap hardware will eventually lead to circumstances like this.

Not saying that's what it is... but my heart sinks when I see things like "unable to mount root fs"

@IceCubeSoup Thank you. It's on the Rpi 4B 8gb ram, 128gb samsung micro sd card, WD 1tb usb ssd

The first thing I'd do would be to take those bits of physical storage hardware, and attach them to a different computer, and try to mount the filesystems.

A wild guess is that the SD card is messed up. But I have no idea really, and that's why I'd do the above.

@IceCubeSoup I'm hoping it's not the SD. I think I can restore everything fairly easily if it is, but I want to be very sure of the process before I start.

@IceCubeSoup I put the sd into another pi and rootfs wouldn't mount, it was readonly. I did a mount noload and cp'd all of my files with --preserve. the only cp error I got was 'cannot access /mnt/.../usr/lib/python2.7' structure needs cleaning" cp'd the "boot" partition of the sd. Now, I need to know how to get a new card loaded up with all of this. Otherwise I'm just gonna flash umbrel on a new SD card and restore. I will have to look up how to not have to sync the whole chain again though.

@IceCubeSoup Well I just wasted so much time. I ended up flashing a new SD card with the umbrel image. Everything just came back up. No fuss no muss. I now know everything is stored on the ssd related to your wallets and channels and stuff. Good lord.

whoops, I could have told you that. (all the important chain data being on the SSD) The SSD is there just for that purpose, because the chain data is so XBOX HUEG!! Also lots of write activity.

But yeah, SD cards can flake out. But at least you can replace them, unlike eMMC storage.

Maybe all the HOWTO docs for projects like this should include: "buy two SD cards, and tape the extra one to the case of the pi, so it is available when the one in use dies"

@IceCubeSoup @Medus i wonder what the process is for when the SSD fails, as they do occasionally?

I think I had mine fail. It would come up after reboot for anywhere from an hour to a day or two, but then it would crash and bitcoind/lightningd wouldn't sync.

Still not sure whether it was the drive or the USB3-SATA adapter, because I took the opportunity to close all my channels and GTFO to an old Intel NUC running CLN. Have to try that old drive and see if it's good... Looks like SSDs are not as easy to test as RAM. But if I get it done soon, I think Sandisk's warranty covers it

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