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One of the most popular requests we've been getting is adding support for live chat during live streams. This would be a killer feature, but we're constrained by the fact there isn't an official 2.0 namespace for it yet.

It's also a complex issue. For ex. if a podcast uses IRC, then a user will need to log into each individual chat room. Not a great UX. But if a podcast uses XMPP or Matrix then they could log in once and join any server with the same federated account

@theDanielJLewis not sure if you agree or disagree lol but I only mean w/r/t IRC's lack of federated account login. It'd be a better UX to login in to one account, and then be able to chat using that same account in any XMPP or Matrix room.

@podverse Or allow social logins.

The thing that concerns me most as we start talking about live-chat integrations is that it has the potential to seriously alienate the majority of podcasters who use things that already work beautifully and perfectly.

Consider Twitch or YouTube Live for example. It's super easy to get started on those, both as a streamer and as a viewer. I want to see P2.0's live-chat feature support what podcasters already use instead of forcing them into geeky distractions.

@theDanielJLewis do Twitch and YouTube allow 3rd party apps to integrate their chat room?

We’re not opinionated on which chat rooms we’ll use. Open standards are preferred because we know they’ll remain constant, and can potentially extend them as needed, but if demand is sufficiently high for non-open standards chats, we’re not opposed to adding them too.

@podverse Ray Ortega always updates to include the YouTube Live chat for that event. It's a simple iframe embed.

@theDanielJLewis hmmm but if a podcaster wants to direct users to chatting on YouTube, why not just say “subscribe to our live stream on YouTube”? Then they get livestream notifications and a chat room from YouTube without a podcast app shepparding people to YouTube.

If YouTube officially allows 3rd party apps to add live steam chat then it’s a possibility, but if it’s like an unofficial iframe workaround we don’t want to invest effort in something that can break without warning.

@podverse Because that's yet another place to follow and manage notifications. I think the core purpose of the Live tag is to notify existing followers when a show is / will be live and take them to it—whether by embedding or by simple redirect.

@theDanielJLewis as long as YouTube provides a formalized way to handle these integrations I’m open to it.

But if it’s just an “oops! You can’t play this in Podverse! Here’s the YouTube link!” I’ll have to think about that more.

@podverse @theDanielJLewis The specs we build must be decentralized and app native. YouTube wants to own podcasting just like Spotify. I have no desire to help them do it. I’d rather spend energy fleshing out XMPP to IRC/Matrix gateways to accommodate the existing podcasters who are using IRC and giving other podcasters the ability to spin one up easily. I agree with Mitch that if they want YouTube chat just go to YouTube. Like trying to have a wife and girlfriend both at the same time.


@dave @podverse @theDanielJLewis I use matterbridge to sync my nextcloud talk chats with irc and discord, all messages show everywhere. Looks like it also supports xmpp. Don't know if this helps at all.

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