I run a family nextcloud, a radio station and this mastodon instance on digital ocean droplets. Is linode better than DO? or about the same? Or should I just host these from home? If I do it from home I may use cloudflare zero trust. Not sure what to do, but the DO bill is getting hefty. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.


RackNerd has some great annual deals on VPSs. Their closest one is in Atlanta. They work great!



I was wondering if you could host your podcasts on them. Probably plenty of bandwidth on those plans.

@DarthRadar @Medus I switched my personal stuff to Linode from DO a few years ago because their VM sizes at the low end were slightly bigger per dollar. Also don’t forget about object storage. Sometimes you may not need a server if you can just redirect a domain name to a bucket.


@dave @DarthRadar Part of my problem is I just start doing stuff and grab what service or device does that thing without planning ahead too far. I have ended up with stuff all over the place lol. I have stuff on DO, aws, wasabi, cloudflare, hostgator, it's a mess. I gotta get a plan together for what I need and want before I move anything. Research and planning time!

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