I run a family nextcloud, a radio station and this mastodon instance on digital ocean droplets. Is linode better than DO? or about the same? Or should I just host these from home? If I do it from home I may use cloudflare zero trust. Not sure what to do, but the DO bill is getting hefty. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.


RackNerd has some great annual deals on VPSs. Their closest one is in Atlanta. They work great!



I was wondering if you could host your podcasts on them. Probably plenty of bandwidth on those plans.

@DarthRadar Yeah, that would save me some serious money. The plan I have now is unlimited storage and bandwidth, with a ton of subdomains, but i think i may be abusing some rule by serving my mp3s from hostgator. We are starting to get a lot more downloads and I may need another solution in case they ding us for it.


Do they tell you how much bandwidth you're using? The podcast mp3s can't be taking up that much space.


This is another great VPS company that offers unlimited bandwidth, and block storage slabs at $1.25/mo per 256GB.



@DarthRadar I will look into these tomorrow, gotta say I am not looking forward to migrating, but I have to get costs down.

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