I am trying to think of the best way to get non-podcasters a lightning wallet so I can get them a split of my show. I am wanting to cut the authors and voice talent in on v4v for my audio fiction podcast and am looking for the easiest way to onboard them. Most of them won't have a node or anything. Do any of your smart people out there have any ideas?

@Medus non smart person here without a node. However I do have a lightning wallet. Very doable without a node. I use BlueWallet It is very easy on iOS.

@Boolysteed I don't know enough about bluewallet, I will look into it. Does it have a public address that I can put in my rss feed?

@Medus Coinbase Wallet ™️
Allows for a public address, and it is non custodial Wallet. Blue Wallet- Lighting Wallet allows you to share clipboard address to send / receive bitcoin.

@Boolysteed @medus

Not Breez. You get a public address n stuff and it works well enough to buy sats and boost, but when I was trying to figure out why my splits from BTS weren't working I came upon this, making it essentially unusable for receiving split micro transactions:

@phifer @Medus You should send this screen shot to Oscar Merry, it what I was emailing about. Failure of the node for splits.

@phifer @Boolysteed I think it has to be a node address, not a wallet. I will dig a little for a solution, I would love to "pay royalties" to these wonderful people, but can't find an easy way to onboard them.

@medus @Boolysteed

Node address vs. wallet could be another issue...I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to the sat game, I kind of just wanted to get in on the boostagrams and didn't really expect to be receiving splits anytime soon, lol.

@phifer @Medus Fountain-FM app developer is Oscar Merry. Medus reach out to him for smart answers.

@Boolysteed @phifer I will, he seems to be woking on this sort of thing already. Thanks

@Medus @Boolysteed @phifer Fountain already has this built in. I think they just need to have a Fountain account set up in the app.

@ChadF @Medus @phifer And they can share clips on Fountain-Fm which is very cool.. It’s easy to use too.

@Boolysteed @ChadF @Medus @phifer

Click the hamburger menu in Sovereign Feeds on desktop, click Sign In, Click on Wallet, agree to my list of demands, and you get a wallet with wallet info to send to a podcaster.

@phifer @Medus Again Oscar Merry wants to hear from you . . . He was quick to answer my stupid questions, I’m sure he can direct you to a good solution Medus.

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