We now have transcripts (thanks Dreb), we have cross-app comments, we have lightning bitcoin payments (value4value4ever). Podcasting 2.0 got us living in the future. @funfactfriday @Drebscott @dave @adam

@Medus @funfactfriday @Drebscott @dave @adam Nice!

Your feed generator needs a small tweak to your socialInteract tags to conform to the final spec:

Basically the comments urls have moved out of the node content and into a "uri" attribute.

The error can be seen here, and then validate your fix when you regenerate:

@js @Medus @funfactfriday @dave @adam Feed Generator, who needs a feed generator. ;) @Medus codes his feed by hand.

@js @Drebscott @funfactfriday @dave @adam Ok, just updated. Wow, we have almost 20 episodes with the socialInteract tag. Didn't realize we had been doing it that long.

I am still getting "Local fetch failed (CORS disabled?)" and am unsure what that means.

@Medus @Drebscott @funfactfriday @dave @adam That means a browser-based app like podverse or podfriend will be blocked by the browser from fetching that url directly. They'll need to proxy that call through some server they manage.

You can allow direct calls from browser apps by including the following http header in your responses:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

If you're returning Mastodon responses directly, you'll be waiting on them:

@Drebscott @js @funfactfriday @dave @adam CTRL+C CTRL+V baby. I should have looked better at the socialInteract tag before I updated the feed. It was a last minute addition for this episode.

@csb Still trying to figure that out Lol. One of our producers dropped the srt file on the server and told me to add the code. I will let you know once I have the info.

@csb @Medus Not as cool as, but still cool, nonetheless.

@Drebscott @csb @Medus They also don't have Gregory William Forsyth Foreman.


you laugh but although now he is just 4-pub owner, previously he was real actor with 14 credits in IMDB: and web page at fandom: .

BTW: thanks for freebie mention of AI dot cooking on episode 81, I will resume boostagramming next time AC is back from vacay

@Drebscott @Medus

@csb @dave @Drebscott @Medus We appreciate you CSB, you are a colorful part of the Podcasting 2.0 story

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