Musicians of the fediverse, we are wanting to redo the Fun Fact Friday intro and we need help. Let me know if you are willing to help us update our sound.

@phaethon We are looking for something kinda upbeat, fun feel to it. Right now it's just Leila playing the uke. She was still learning and just kinda noodled around and came up with what we have. Just looking for something around 45 seconds to a minute. But beyond that, we are open to whatever. I'm not musical at all.

@phaethon I will run it by Leila tomorrow and see what she says. Good stuff. 👍

@Medus So... what does Leila think? I mean, your opinion kinda matters, but we all know Leila is really the brains of the operation.

@phaethon Sorry for the delay in response. We were recording. Yes, she has final say, I can advise, but it's her show.

She said that she likes the song, but doesn't think it's what we are looking for. She has suggested I use it for the show I'm planning.

Thanks I'll keep the link for the future.

All good - I didn't think it was the right fit for the show, just offering it up in case.
I have some other things I haven't recorded yet that might be more Leila-worthy. If I get a chance, I'll track them this weekend.

@phaethon Absolutely, I have tried my hand at music, and I just don't have a knack for it.

Hey man, don't give up. I didn't have a knack for it for a couple decades, and then one day I did. Miracles happen.


@phaethon I feel like if I gave it an honest try and put the time in, I could get it. But, I am always spinning so many plates. We do have a HUGE project about wrappped up which should free up a lot of time for me. I might get back into it.

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