@dave are the v4v enabled apps splitting on an item level yet. I'm having a guest on soon and wanna spread the love, that's right love=sats.

@StevenB @dave Great!
We will recommend it.
Now I just have to make sure will route the sats correctly. Not sure how to tell it who the sats are to go to since everyone uses the same node address.

@Medus @StevenB Steven, you're already doing episode level splits?!

@dave @Medus

I added channel and episode value blocks to the RSS creator I've been working on and figured I would need to go ahead and get the episode level split going as well, so I did that Sunday evening.

@StevenB @dave Great! I have just been coding by hand for the last couple of episodes. I didn't like how powerpress worked. I deleted wordpress completely and went oldschool html and css for both of my shows. I was looking into making a simple rss creator, but saw that others were working on it, and figured you actual coders can do a much better job than me.

@StevenB Cool! Yeah this is way better than the php form I was making. A quick note, it seems to have cut out the <podcast:valueRecipient > lines from the feed.

@StevenB @Medus Well I guess we need to test it then. We are interviewing someone with a lightning node in a week or so and we can put that in there as the first one for us. @adam

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