Just marked 782k anchor feeds as low polling priority since they haven't published a new episode this year.

@dave 782,000!? HOLY SMOKES! That's a lot of dead podcasts.

@bandrew @dave Very easy to get started these days. But tough to be consistent and entertaining. Also, I bet a bunch of these were killed by people going back to work.

@medus @dave Yeah. It's the ability to record and publish a podcast directly from your phone with the built in microphone without any editing or processing. I'm guessing a lot of them have heard about the podcasting boom and thought they'd start a show of them talking with their friends, uploaded it for free, and only got 3 downloads and were discouraged. Or I'm being a a bitter old man acting as a gate keeper.


@bandrew There is a podcast idea right there, "Bitter Old Gatekeepers"

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