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@adam I’m still waiting on Libsyn to integrate some 2.0 features.

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Blubrry Releases New Podcasting 2.0 Integration: Value4Value

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If you’re involved in #AudioFiction, like maybe you help or make #AudioDrama, #FictionPodcast, or #AudioBook content, and are looking for others in the “industry” to follow on Mastodon, check out (and add yourself to)!

If your a listener and don’t see your favorite creators here, tell them about it!


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Individual - Content creator (includes narrators, producers, editors too!) PART 7

• Medus - @medus | Show creator, editor and host
• Melissa Oliveri - @melissaoliveri | Neurodivergent Musician (stage name Cannelle) and Author / Podcaster of spooky fiction (The Skylark Bell) originally from Quebec, Canada currently based in Minneapolis, MN Francais/English
• Merely Matt - @MerelyMatt | Creator and host
• Mike Luoma - @MikeLuoma | Featuring Science Fiction Written & Narrated by Host Mike Luoma since 2006
• Mur Lafferty - @MurHerself | Author, podcaster, editor.
• Naomi Richards - @JerseyDevil | I’m Naomi or Nay to most. I’m a writer, voice actor, gremlin, and one half of the creative team for Morbid Forest.

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #AudioFiction #RadioTheater #RadioTheatre #podcast #FollowFriday

/8 ⤵️

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Do you talk a lot about #podcasting? Not just about your #podcast, but podcasting itself, either in its entirety or a specialized niched (like me these days)?

If so, I want to add you to my "Podcast Pulse" list, much like I had on the bird site.

I have 17 #podcasters and others who are in the #podcasts game on it currently. But that's just a 10th of what I had on the bird site.

So if you fit the bill, raise your hand. And boost!

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Cold outside, power is out. But we are cozy and warm with fossil fuels.

My Umbrel shit the bed. I'm getting "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)" Any ideas on how to fix this. I'm getting mixed ideas from lots of different places online.

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Fun Fact Friday - Episode 129 - Soda! Comment thread.

Well folks, this is the beginning of the end. There will be 3 more episodes after this one. The last Friday of 2022 will be our last Fun Fact Friday. We are looking for your favorite moment from our over hundred episode history. Let us know here, or better yet, clip it and send to

No live Fun Fact Friday tonight, but a recorded episode will be release at the normal time.

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No new episode this week. We are both sick and just simply don't have the energy. Sorry we are also out of canned episodes. @medus

Phase one of the shed conversion is complete. Usb powered lights provide a cozy feel with having to run power everytime I go out there.

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Episode 20 of MedusPod is out now. "To Build a Fire" by Jack London is, to me, a tale of horror. Man vs nature and his own pride. I released the first episode of MedusPod 8 years ago today.

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No live show this week, recorded show will release at the normal time. Cheers!

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