We just RSVPed for the Nashville Valentines day meetup! Fun Fact Friday ROADTRIP!

Checked the POBox today! Thanks for the decals! I am getting a new truck Monday, gonna stick it on the back

Ok friends. I am currently looking for work in the podcast industry, I have a few jobs I am applying to but would like to make my resume look more podcast centric and less USPS and vapeshop managery. Would any of you that I have worked with on various projects be willing to be a reference on my updated resume? Thanks all!

Just booked our Vegas trip for mid March! Turning 40 will suck a little less sitting at a slot machine with a drink in my hand.

Wish me luck y'all. I just applied for a job from podjobs.net podcast job board. @jamescridland thanks for providing this service. Fingers crossed.

@Phaedra and I had a great time hanging out with @Boo_BuryMothman and fam last night. Good food, good coversation, and a great episode of Behind the Sch3m3s.

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MedusPod "A Christmas Carol" has been released! Enjoy at meduspod.com, or in your favorite podcast app! I put a ton of work into this one folks, and I hope you all enjoy! Merry Christmas, and God bless us, every one!

Coming tomorrow! Starring @kyle @sirseatsitter @NICKtheRAT among others! Subscribe to MedusPod now to download it as soon as it is released!

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Riding in the car today with the 5yr old. We were listening to the most recent @funfactfriday with guest @kyle.
She was obsessed with the chapter art changing. We listen to FFF every time the two of us are in the car, but this was the first time I let her hold my phone while we listened. (usually my phone is off limits, but I wanted to hear her reactions)
She loved it!
Also, feedback from a 5yr old can be brutal if you’re not in the right headspace! 😂
#GoPodcasting! #CloudChapters

It's parade day! Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David has a float in the Goldsboro NC Christmas parade to promote our podcast! We will be recording an episode and streaming the whole thing live from the float at 4pm eastern at funfactfriday.com Check it out!

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Official Fun Fact Friday comment thread for Episode 78 - Sign Language with Kyle Hebert!

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