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Fun Fact Friday and MedusPod merch coming this week! Or maybe next week, I don't know how hard setting up a threadless account is. lol.

So, can I add a fountain wallet to my value block? If so how? I have some voice actors who don't have wallets, I'm pointing them to personal wallets, getalby and fountain. But, I have never added a fountain address to the value block.

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Going LIT @ 7 eastern. Live on, podverse and curiocaster!

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I'm pinning podcasters who have sent me support to the top of the playlists in CurioCaster to give some value back. Hopefully it helps more people discover your work. Since you've been real consistent with your support, and I know you're looking to promote MedusPod more, I have you as the first one. Thanks for everything you've done!!!

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#psa Show will be late tomorrow because of travel. We plan to go live at 4:00 pm central time.

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Thanks to @RyanHirsch for updating podcast-partytime to support liveItem chat 🙏

The change has been deployed to the Podverse parsers. Chat Rooms should now automatically show up for live streams in web and mobile if the podcaster includes a chat URL.

Demo page (not currently streaming live):

cc @behindthesch3m3s @Medus @darrenoneill @bowlafterbowl @Lehmancreations @adam @dave

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New episode of my audio fiction podcast "MedusPod" out now! Thanks to @SirSpencer @ThatLARRYSHOW @GWFF for lending their voices to this episode.

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Since many people who are merely guests on podcasts don’t have their own bitcoin lightning nodes, this new service from @satoshisstream seems to be ideal solution for podcast guests:

“You are a guest on a podcast and want to receive part of a split”

More: .

Episode 18 of MedusPod almost done, but I'm done for tonight. I should be releasing tomorrow, so make sure you are subscribed to MedusPod on your favorite modern podcast app from Listen for @SirSpencer @GWFF and @ThatLARRYSHOW is this episode.

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@christopherbattles @Medus
Comrade Battles, I too am from the future & have a guilty pleasure of listening to Fun Fact Friday on Thursdays.
That way, the newly acquired fun facts can be deceminated on Friday to the world around me!

The Queen really had 2 birthdays?!?

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No live show tonight, but a recorded show will release at the normal time. Cheers!

Live premiere of the new MedusPod episode! Live now at

6:30 pm eastern - Fun Fact Friday Live!

8:30 pm eaterm - MedusPod episode 17 Premiere! Ft. Gordo from "Those Conspiracy Guys"

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