No live show this week. Sorry, but a normal recorded episode will be released tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Head's up! Someone, we won't say who, re-uploaded last week's episode as this weeks, so, you may have to delete it and refresh the feed and re-download to get the new episode. Oopsie.

Episode 139 Official Comment thread. Send us your favorite tongue twisters! Or a clip of you trying some!

Episode 138 - Random Animal Facts! Official comment thread.

Episode 137 Official Comment Thread! What's your favorite idiom?

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Official Comment thread for Episode 136 - Waffle House!

Official Fun Fact Friday Comment thread for Episode 135 - Tattoos! Post your family friendly tattoo pics.

We're BACK! Now with AI! Lol

Official Episode 133 comment thread!

I cannot keep this to myself. There is a website ( where you can listen to radio stations all over the world for free. No log in. No email address. Nothing.

When the site loads, you are looking at the globe. Slide the little white circle over the green dots (each green dot is a radio station) until you find one you like.

I have been listening to this station in the Netherlands and it absolutely slaps. I have no idea what they're saying but the music is fantastic.

@drebscott The dog picture you used in the chapters for the latest Podcasting 2.0 episode is amazing.

Official cross app comment thread for episode 131 of Fun Fact Friday.

Live now on curiocaster and podverse. The Fun Fact Friday Christmas stream.

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