Official Cross-app comment thread for Episode 106 - Toxic Stuff!

Official Episode 105 - Game Consoles! Cross-app comment thread!

Official Episode 104 comment thread! 7 Wonders of the World!

Official Episode 103 - "Chuck Norris!" cross-app comments thread.

Official Cross-app comment thread for Episode 102 - Clowns!

Episode 101 - Mushrooms! Official cross-app comment thread.

We did it! Episode 100 comment thread! Thank you to everyone who sent in fun facts for us.

Official Episode 99 Comment Thread - "Our History!"

In this episode we simply talk about the show's history and what is planned for the big 100!

Can't wait to see you all at the SC No Agenda Meet-Up! Be ready with a fun fact for our 100th episode!

Official comment thread for "Episode 98 - The Useless Web!"

Silly Speculation Saturday - Episode 1 (Fun Fact Friday Ep 97) Official Comment Thread

Check out the first episode of Sill Speculation Saturday. Less structured than FFF, with more goofing around.

I really like the @funfactfriday podcast. A dad podcasting with his daughter and teaching her about the technology along the way. My 5yr old loves to listen with me.
On the latest episode, they discuss building their umbrel node.
Looks like they are adopting as many 2.0 tags as they can:

Official comment thread for "Episode 96 - The Backrooms!"

Don't forget to send your fun facts in for our 100th episode "Fan Facts!" audio is best, but text will do. @medus

Official cross-app comment thread for Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David - Episode 95 - Hello Kitty!

Check out our newest intro!

Official comment thread for "Ep 94 - Umbrel Academy!" In this episode we discuss building our lightning node and v4v. Look for us in a new podcast app at or

Official episode comment thread for Fun Fact Friday with Leila and David - "Episode 93 -Lies!" @medus

Be sure and send us your favorite fun facts in audio or text form for our 100th episode. We are trying to get to 100 fan submitted facts!

Official Comment Thread for Episode 92 - Emergency Alert Systems! @medus

Comment thread for Episode 91 - Las Vegas! We will be in Vegas when this episode releases. So we are posting this status SUPER early. See y'all next week!

Official Episode 90 - Random Facts! comment thread. @medus

In this episode we talk about our upcoming plans to visit Vegas for our birthday celebrations, and then talk about random facts we find interesting.

Official Episode 89 - "Shoes!" cross-platform comment thread! @medus

Our Umbrel Node has been ordered!

Don't forget to send in your facts for our 100th episode "100 Fun Facts!" Episode. Audio is preferred, but emails will do.

We will be doing that episode LIVE with a voicemail line! details coming soon.

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